The biggest challenge most of my clients face, is knowing what to focus on in their marketing. It can be incredibly overwhelming with all the different options and tools out there – social media platforms, advertising platforms (print and digital), search engines, autoresponders, tech tools, productivity tools – the list goes on and on. How do we know what’s right for us, and at the stage we’re currently in?

The big mistake many business owners make is that they focus on lead generation BEFORE getting their conversions right, only to realise that they’re spending way too much money and time on marketing without getting the results they’re after.

I have created a free Marketing Road Map to help you focus on your marketing activities in the right order, so you can maximise results while minimising cost and effort. It’s divided in three pillars.


I call this the ACA framework. It’s the exact framework I use in my 90-Day Marketing Transformation, where I help business owners transform and automate their entire marketing strategy in 90 days. The order in which you focus on your marketing activities is crucial. As you will agree, it doesn’t make sense to launch an ad campaign (amplification pillar) before knowing that you can actually convert these people. It would be like increasing the amount of fuel you pour into a car that only has 2 wheels. More fuel won’t make it go any faster, unless you have a working vehicle.

The Marketing Roadmap – 3 Ways To Grow Your Business in 2019 (FREE Download below)

First things first. Most business owners would like to jump straight in and throw money at ads (either print or online) before having layed a solid marketing foundation. You wouldn’t start building a house before having a solid plan and foundation to built on. In the same way, you need to address your marketing activities in the right order. Here are 3 things you need to focus on BEFORE spending a single cent on advertising or other costly marketing activities.

1. Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a tool to help you build a list of potential customers. It’s something of value to your target audience that you can send them for free, but in return for their name and email address. This is a crucial part of any marketing strategy and should be the very first thing to decide on, as it gives people a way to connect with your business even before they’re ready to buy. Here are some examples of lead magnets you could use in your business.

  • Free ebook
  • Free video
  • Discount Code or Value Voucher
  • Free Checklist or Time Saver
  • Free Report

2. Email Automation Software

Once you decided on your lead magnet, the second step is to choose an email marketing provider that you will use to build your list. There are loads of options out there, some very basic and some with more advanced marketing automation features that you probably won’t need at the start. The important thing is to just get started.

When starting out, a free service like Mailchimp will suffice (they offer a free plan until you reach 2000 subscribers). Here are two options that I personally recommend for small businesses which I use myself.

3. Map Out Your Customer Journey

Once a potential customer opted in for your free lead magnet, what are the next steps? What information will they be looking for before they are ready to become a customer? It’s important not to treat every person as if they are ready to buy from you right now. Instead, focus on building a relationship with your list first, so that when they are ready to buy your product or service, your business becomes their natural choice. Here’s what that customer journey looks like in one of my other businesses (a yoga studio).

Step 1: FREE Yoga Gift Card –> Step 2: Introductory Offer –> Step 3: 10-Class Pass –> Step 4: Membership –> Step 5: Workshops & Retreats

This is a natural progression that eases people into their journey of becoming a long-term customer, moving them from ‘free’ to higher price points. Make sure that the communication you send people is relevant to the stage they’re currently in. This can be automated using email automation software (see previous point). Focus on educating them more than you focus on selling.

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8 replies
  1. Bohumil Hlavička
    Bohumil Hlavička says:

    WOW! I wasn’t aware of your Yoga Studio. Just visited the site and seems like you are doing great! Keep it up and thanks for the helpful pointers!

  2. Charles L. Turner
    Charles L. Turner says:

    There seems to be a loophole here. For any startup business, getting their name out is the very first step. How would they achieve this without using any kind of paid marketing or advertising?

  3. Jennifer Dourados
    Jennifer Dourados says:

    I think once a business grabs a customer and treats them right, that customer will be there for good. Most people are brand loyal and when they choose an option they are happy and satisfied with, they will not choose any other alternate.

  4. Jones.Mack
    Jones.Mack says:

    Constant Contact is another great one when it comes to choosing an Email Automation Software. It lets you deliver powerful emails, simply and easily. If you haven’t already used it, you should give it a try!

  5. Audelino Garcia
    Audelino Garcia says:

    Which one of the paid marketing platforms do you recommend after the business is done with the 3 important steps mentioned in this article?

  6. Favia Posada
    Favia Posada says:

    Relationship building with your target audience or prospective clients is the key to success. Without properly engaging your audience and without proper communication, you cannot expect business to start flowing.

  7. Victor Cardoso Rodrigues
    Victor Cardoso Rodrigues says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but do these steps work in all kinds of businesses? Every business belongs to a different industry and not every customer is interested in receiving emails, so creating a lead magnet might not work in all cases.


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